The Company Soldi has been realizing objects of high artistic handicrafts for more than 40 years, with selected materials of the highest quality and craft techniques production of the oldest Florentine artistic tradition, using raw materials such as paint, varnish and decorations completely non-toxic. Our company operates on several foreign markets in Europe and Extra-Europe with expertize and reliability. We are proud to have customers directed to quality. We have different lines of products but complementary both for gift and furniture fitting. All the manufacturing cycles are executed by our specialized staff inside our factory and meticulously verified. We are able to meet the different market requirements since we have established a management able to produce high quality items with competitive prices for the different segments of the market. We are at your disposal for any and all requirements about samples and catalogues. We shall be happy to meet you by our premises to show you our wide and complete collection. Your orders will be followed by our sales department which will check your order with the utmost care and competence until the shipment.